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I need plants for my office! Who do I call?

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Reach out to an Interior Landscape Contractor!

An interior landscape contractor can provide a design for your office plantscape, professionally install the plants and containers, and provide on-going guaranteed maintenance of the plants to keep them healthy and beautiful for years.

It all starts with a brief meeting at your office during which you can explain your ideas on how you envision your office with plants. The contractor will know which plants will be the best to use based on the amount of available light and will offer some options for you to consider.

Plants can serve many functions, so let your contractor know what you hope to accomplish by adding plants to your office. Perhaps you need to create a separate area for collaboration. Plants can make a great space divider, and they can dampen noise in large open areas. Or maybe you are looking to simply add ‘living art’ to your space (bonus: this kind of art improves the air quality in the office!).

A key component of your new plantscape is the choice of decorative containers. Your contractor will have access to many suppliers for these. Your company likely spent considerable time planning the design of the office, including the furniture, lighting, carpets, etc. The containers should look like they were part of this design process. They should suit the décor and atmosphere of your office. The interior landscape contractor will have design skills and experience to help you with this. They can work alongside your design firm if you wish.

An interior landscape contractor will also discuss with you the maintenance of the plants once they are installed. To continue to provide benefits to your office, the plants definitely need to be healthy. The contractor can offer this service, which should include a replacement guarantee.

Your interior landscape contractor should be a  professional horticulturalist who specializes in all aspects of landscaping offices with tropical plants.

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