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Welcome employees back to the office! with plants!

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Looking for ways to welcome employees back to the office? Tropical plants are a cost-effective, long term solution to making the physical space appear more inviting. People love plants! Extensive, respected studies have proven conclusively that plants in an office add so many benefits. Those benefits are now more important than ever as we look to return to a physical office.

Our clients typically order tropical plants for their office for the aesthetic appeal. They quickly learn that tropical plants offer much more than just good looks!

  • Plants reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Workers demonstrate improved creativity in office environments that include green plants and flowers.
  • Employers report significantly less absenteeism due to Sick Building Syndrome when plants are added to the office environment. Plants naturally clean the air and increase humidity.
  • Tenant occupancy and retention is greater in buildings that include tropical plants.
  • Plants dampen sound levels, reducing office noise distraction.
  • Well-kept plants increase your company’s status by creating a successful image.
  • Plants can be used as natural space dividers, or offer a creative way to direct the flow of traffic in an office.

Take note of that last point. This is the number one request we are getting right now from new clients. They want attractive and functional ways to separate spaces. Check out some of our installations that do just that!

Reach out to us to see how we can help you to welcome employees back to the office. We can create a custom design that suits your needs. Consultations are always free of charge!

Welcome employees back to the office, Snake plant, Sansevieria, Cararo, Lechuza

Snake plants in Cararo planters enhance the appeal of this unique physical barrier in an office in Mississauga

Welcome employees back to the office, Schefflera, Umbrella Trees

Umbrella Trees (Schefflera) in Lechuza Rondo containers separate a lounge area from the kitchen

Welcome employees back to the office, Aglaonema, custom planter, barrier of plants

Aglaonema ‘Diamond Bay’ create a living barrier between departments in this North York office

Welcome employees back to the office, artificial boxwood

Artificial boxwood in a custom planter effectively separate the prep area from the seating area in this Mississauga office

Welcome employees back to the office, pothos, custom planters, Toronto office plants

Pothos varieties in large custom planter boxes add interest to filing cabinets separating the workspace from the lounge space.

Welcome employees back to the office, physical distancing with plants

Umbrella Trees divide two back to back sofas to provide privacy and physical distancing

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