Green in so many ways

We all know that having green plants in your office improves your indoor environment and ultimately your health, but what about the bigger picture?

At Moore Park Plantscapes we are committed to constantly look for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Here are a few of our environmental initiatives:

  • None of the waste plant material (cuttings, old plants) goes to landfill. We have always composted this material at our own facility.
  • We have the knowledge and experience to use sound horticultural practices everyday to keep our plants healthy and pest free. We DO NOT use pesticides!
  • We are able to use less water by selecting plants types that thrive with minimal water.
  • We purchase our containers from manufacturers that can prove environmental responsibility. Our main supplier uses an exclusive molding process that is non-ozone depleting. Their unique ‘eco-resin’ materials are among the most highly rated and recognized recycled and/or recyclable polymers available for commercial use. They have all but completely eliminated their use of coatings that rely on solvents and replaced them with cutting-edge ‘ENVIRO-SAFE/COMMERCIAL-STRONG’ water-based equivalents. At very least, our suppliers must manufacture their containers from recyclable polymers.
  • We reuse the grower’s containers and recycle the paper that our plants are supplied in.
  • We are members of our provincial industry commodity group which has a mandate to improve the environmental stewardship of the Interiorscape industry as a whole.
  • We carefully plan our maintenance day such that we are driving the minimal distance between customers.
  • We do not own large trucks. We drive small, fuel-efficient vehicles for plant maintenance, and rent a larger vehicle only when necessary to move large loads.

If you, our customer, have ideas on how we can add to this list, we would love to hear from you. Protecting our environment is a team effort.