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Plant of the Month – Pothos Ivy

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May’s feature plant is: Pothos Ivy (Epipremnum aureum)

Golden Pothos Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) floor plant

Golden Pothos plant on a Totem

Almost everyone has had one of these incredibly versatile, hardy tropical plants in their home or office at some point.The Pothos Ivy remains one of our favourites year after year. It is the perfect plant….it grows almost anywhere, can tolerate bright light, very low light and everything in between and comes in many beautiful varieties and forms. See the image on the left for examples of Pothos ‘N Joy’, Neon, Golden and Marble Queen. This plant makes a great table-top plant, hanging plant, climbing plant, ground cover, understory planting for large trees, and floor plant on a trellis or post. Sometimes called Devil’s Ivy, this tropical plant is great for novice green thumbs as it is tolerant of both underwatering and overwatering, although the roots will rot if kept too wet for a long period of time. It is disease and pest resistant, but mealy bug may appear if the watering is inconsistent, particularly in low light. Too keep the plant full and bushy, prune regularly and fertilize once per month during the spring, summer and fall.  Prune the trailing vines regularly. This will keep the plant full and bushy.  Fertilize monthly in the spring, summer and fall. The leaves will keep their characteristic shine if polished regularly with a damp microfibre cloth. Regular cleaning will also discourage pests. Propagation is easy; cuttings taken from the plant will root quickly in water or composted soil.

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