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Spring Cleaning – It’s not just for your home

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Spring cleaning? Remember to include your tropical plants! With spring upon us and the warm weather at our door step, it’s the perfect time to take some time to tidy up your interior tropical plants. After a long winter of short days and cold weather your plants may be left looking (and feeling) a little dull. Spring is the perfect time to give them a little extra attention and get them set up for a successful growing season.

The first step you can take in your spring clean is to give your interior tropical plants a thorough grooming. This includes removing dead leaves, pruning and dusting. Dead leaves left on a plant or sitting in the soil can discourage new growth and attract pests. If there is one maintenance component you choose to do regularly, remove dead plant material to keep your plants growing and pest free. Pruning your plants will encourage vibrant new growth and keep them full and shapely. Tropical plants can only sustain so many leaves in interior environments – when they get too long leaves will drop, your plant will thin and can become unattractive
and unmanageable. Polishing your plants with a microfiber rag will pick up dust off of leaves and give them a shiny “like new” look. Plants will likely collect a little extra dust in high traffic or entrance areas. These may require some soap and water to get cleaned up!

Aglaonema Diamond Bay

Aglaonema in Rondo containers

The next step in your spring clean will be managing your plant’s soil. Compress the soil by making a fist and gently pressing the soil down around the outside of the container, moving inward. Careful not to break any roots while doing this! Compacting the soil will get rid of any air pockets that collect water and cause root rot and damage. If you see the level of soil has fallen after you compressed it, add a little more soil on top. 1-2 inches of soil maximum. If you add too much your plant’s roots will not get enough oxygen!

The last step in your spring clean will be to begin fertilizing. Use a good quality fertilizer formulated for green tropical plants. There is a specific formula for flowering plants too. Soluble fertilizer that you mix with water is best. Fertilize your interior tropical plants once per month from early spring until late fall.

The above maintenance steps do not have to be just a seasonal tune up! They are a time consuming commitment… but should be part of a regular maintenance routine. Regular and thorough maintenance will ensure the healthiest and happiest plants possible.

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