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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Ficus lyrata)

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Look in any design trends magazine this year and you will likely find a featured room that includes a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. It is the current favourite of designers and is one of our most requested tropical office plants. This plant has impact! It has huge and unique fiddle-shaped shiny leaves that feel almost like paper. The tree is available in many styles including a column shape with multiple stems covered in leaves top to bottom, a tree form as pictured, and a tree form with a braided trunk. A newer variety is the ‘Little Fiddle’, with more abundant, small compact leaves. They are sold in all sizes, from 2ft in height up to 12-15ft.

We use this plant whenever possible. Even in a small office we try to find a sunny corner and make the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree the focus of the plantscape. In big, open spaces, a line of 8-10 foot trees in large modern containers looks spectacular!

The Fiddle Leaf Fig requires bright light, preferably from a west or south window. It is a member of the Ficus family, which is native to swampy areas, so it needs to be kept moist. It will quickly develop brown spots on the leaves if it is kept too wet though. Well-drained soil is a must. Alternatively, it does very well when set up in a pot with sub-irrigation (watered from the bottom). It tends to grow quickly, and will branch out into unique forms. Prune it regularly to keep it full and polish the leaves with a soft cloth periodically. Fertilize once per month from early spring until late fall. The Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is highly resistant to most pests, a feature we love. Regular cleaning of the leaves will eliminate any pests that may appear.



Fiddle Leaf

Fiddle-Leaf Fig trees add impact to a Mississauga corporate office

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