Buying plants from Moore Park Plantscapes is easy.

The first step is for us to meet with you at your office. We want to hear your ideas for greening your space and we will offer our design suggestions. At this time we will also look at the light available in your office so we can recommend suitable plants. The style and colour of the containers for the plants is a key aspect of the design, and we will have brochures with us displaying several different lines of containers in various price ranges.

We will then design a plantscape for you, and send you a quotation for the supply and installation of the plants and containers. The quotation will detail the type of plants, their location, and will have accompanying images. A plantscape typically consists of a mixture of: floor plants such as Palm trees, hanging plants such as English ivy, flowering plants and table top plants. We can also supply high quality, life-like artificial plants. Our proposal will include a quote for us to come to your office weekly to care for your plants. Our maintenance program includes a full replacement guarantee.

Once you have reviewed the quotation, we will discuss any concerns or changes and finalize the colour and style of the containers. This is your plantscape and we will ensure that it meets your expectations and budget.

Installation can usually be scheduled 7-10 days from receipt of your order, subject to the availability of the selected plants and containers.

It does not take many plants to dramatically enhance the image and décor of an office. A few striking plants in unique containers placed in key areas will have a significant impact. We feel that quite often ‘less is more’. We have design packages for specific areas such as ‘office entrance and reception’ that include just a few plants. These installations are priced as low as $500.00. Our maintenance programs start at $25.00 per week. Tropical office plants have many benefits and are also a cost-effective way to enhance your office

Seem easy? It is. We keep it simple.