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Your Tropical Office Plants Offer So Many Benefits!

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Our clients typically order tropical plants for their office for the aesthetic appeal. They quickly learn that tropical plants offer much more than just good looks!

Extensive, respected research has demonstrated that indoor plants in the office environment offer the following benefits:

  • Plants reduce stress and increase productivity
  • Workers demonstrate improved creativity in office environments that include green plants and flowers.
  • Employers report significantly less absenteeism due to Sick Building Syndrome when plants are added to the office environment. Plants naturally clean the air and increase humidity.
  • Tenant occupancy and retention is greater in buildings that include tropical plants.
  • Plants dampen sound levels, reducing office noise distraction.
  • Well-kept plants increase your company’s status by creating a successful image.
  • Plants can be used as natural space dividers, or offer a creative way to direct the flow of traffic in an office.

Want to learn more? Contact us and we can provide you with more information and material to support the facts above.

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