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Trending now: Artificial succulent plants

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Looking for a unique decor idea for your office? Have a look at these images of artificial succulent plants; this is the latest trend in artificial plants. Real succulent plants look fake, so it is easy to make artificial versions that look identical to the real thing. They can be used singly, as table-top plants or floor plants, or they can be combined into unique arrangements. There are now dozens of varieties available in beautiful colours and textures.

All our arrangement are custom made. After a consultation with the client, we suggest plants and containers to compliment the decor of the office. Hundreds of containers are available. We use the same planters that we use with our live plants; this can make all the difference in making the plants look more realistic. A suitable planter can help achieve more size and impact too.

Artificial succulent plants

Artificial succulent plants in a large planter

Artificial plants for the office have many benefits. They can be used in areas too dark for real plants. They can be designed so they fit into small or unusual places. We have often created plants for specific purposes such as room dividers, ways to direct traffic flow, or as a way to dampen sound in large empty spaces. They are easy to care for and eliminate the cost associated with the maintenance of live plants.


Small artificial Agave plants in narrow modern containers in a Toronto office

Artificial Agave Plants in a downtown Toronto office.

Artificial succulents

Table-top artificial succulent arrangement

Mixed artificial succulent arrangement with large Agave plant

Custom artificial mixed succulent arrangement

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