High quality, life-like artificial plants can be a beautiful and practical alternative to live tropical plants. Moore Park Plantscapes offers design, installation and maintenance of artificial plants for the home and office.

We supply artificial trees, shrubs, floor plants, table-top plants, hanging plants as well as a wide variety of green and flowering mixed arrangements. Our trees are custom-made using real wood trunks for most varieties all with premium foliage. Our meticulous attention to detail results in premium quality products that will enhance any space. Most products are available in a variety of sizes.

As with live tropical plants, the container must suit the decor and style of the existing environment. For this reason we carry a complete line of modern decorative planters and vases.

A Plantscape may be composed entirely of artificial plants, or they may be used along with live plants to add greenery to areas with insufficient light, or with limited access for maintenance, such as meeting rooms.

As with our live tropical plants, Moore Park Plantscapes offers maintenance packages for artificial plants to keep them looking their best.