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Plant of the Month-Jade Plant

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Jade table-top plant in Lechuza Quadro containerFebruary’s feature plant is: Jade Plant (Crassula ovata)

The Jade plant is a popular tropical plant for both home and office. Sometimes called a Money Plant, it is a unique looking, easy-to-grow succulent that can live for decades. Older mature plants often take on unusual shapes and can resemble miniature trees with trunk-like stems. The leaves are shiny and thick and may turn a reddish colour when grown in bright light. Although rare on indoor Jade plants, white or pink flowers may appear in the spring. These plants prefer a well-drained loamy soil and do not tolerate over-watering. Allow the soil to dry thoroughly between waterings.  Place in bright light for best results. Prune back regularly to allow the main stems to thicken and become stronger. This will prevent stems from falling over with the weight of the leaves. Fertilize once per month from early spring until late fall. The Jade plant is resistant to most insects, but will occasionally become infested with white, cotton-like mealy bug if allowed to get too dry. Jade plants are very simple to propagate. Cut a few 3″ long pieces from the main plant, remove the leaves from the bottom half of the cutting and allow to dry on the counter overnight. Place the cuttings in fresh soil in a small container. Compact the soil tightly around the cuttings. You can dip the ends in rooting hormone before planting  to increase the chances of success. Rooting hormone is available at quality garden centres that specialize in tropical indoor plants. Keep the cuttings moist, but not wet. After a few months, when the cuttings start to grow, transplant into a larger container.



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