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Considering a Living Wall?- Look at our simple, low cost Plant Wall for your office

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Would you like to have the benefits of a tropical living wall in your office without the significant capital investment and maintenance fees? Consider our simple alternative.  Together with our friends at FreshBooks Cloud Accounting, we came up with a new take on a plant wall. This wall is made from inexpensive pine plank shelving, with an assortment of hanging-style plants in basic white pots. The plants are allowed to grow naturally, with minimal pruning, so that they cascade over the shelves. Maintenance is straightforward, quick and efficient without the need for a built in water supply, pumps and all the other equipment needed for a pricey high-tech wall. The plants can be all one variety, several varieties arranged randomly for an informal look, or arranged in a specific planned pattern. If it is necessary to occasionally replace plants, the process is quick and clean.
??????????????????????????????? We have found that because each plant is watered individually, and not via an irrigation system that delivers the same amount of water to each plant, we rarely need to replace plants. In addition, it is possible to use a larger variety of plants, with no restrictions based on the need to use plants with the same water requirements. The wall pictured has 75 plants; there really is no size restrictions. This type of wall can be custom fit to any wall or any budget with ease.

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