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“I would like some colour in the office. Do you have any tropical office plants that flower?”

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We hear this question often. Even the most modern, bright office can seem cold and dull at times. Our clients frequently look to us to add life and colour to their work environment.

For a plant to produce a flower, the conditions have to be just right. Light and humidity are the main factors. Most plants require very high light to produce a flower. This kind of light is rarely available in an office building.The flowering plants that you may see in a florist or garden centre have been forced to flower under perfect conditions in a greenhouse. They are sent to the retail outlet in full, or close to full bloom. Depending on the type of plant, the flower will last from a few days to a few weeks. Occasionally you may get the plant to bloom again, but it is unlikely and may take many months.

Your interior landscape contractor can provide you with a variety of flowering tropical plants. These are often used in what is referred to as a ‘flowering rotation’. When the flowers fade or die, the entire plant is replaced with a new plant in full flower. These flowers can be supplied as a single specimen or used in a mixed arrangement which may include colourful, long-lasting foliage plants. Some examples of flowers used this way would be orchids, bromeliads, anthuriums, kalanchoe, cala lily, and peace lily. Bromeliads are the most popular flowering plant used in a rotation. They are available in many colours and styles and last from 2-4 months. Flowering tropical are a great alternative to cut flowers; they last much longer and therefore are a cost effective way to add colour. As an alternative to tropical flowers, using a variety of foliage plants in the office can add colour and interest. There are many plants with unique patterns and colours on the leaves that will thrive in your office environment. If the plants can be located in bright direct light, some of the more colourful plants such as Crotons can be used.

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