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Plant of the Month – Chamaedorea erumpens (Bamboo Palm)

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The Bamboo Palm is an elegant and versatile tropical plant great for use in office plantscapes. It is a multi-stem member of the Palm family usually sold at 4-6ft in height. It requires medium light making it suitable for many locations within an office. The bright green canes resemble Bamboo stalks and the leaves are delicate and drooping. A unique feature of this plant is that the leaflets at the end of the leaves are several times wider than the mature leaves. In good light, new stems will constantly form at the base of the plant, keeping the foliage full.

The Bamboo Palm requires moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil. Allow the soil to dry out on top before watering. Be careful not to overwater; root rot is the most common cause of indoor plant decline. Because it is native to the dense tropical rainforests of Central America, this palm prefers a humid environment. Good light from an east or north window is preferable.It does not tolerate bright direct light and will quickly show signs of stress. Issues with pests such as spider mites and mealy bug may occur. Regular cleaning of the leaves will discourage pests.

Regular grooming of the plant is essential. Remove old and yellow fronds promptly. Prune new top growth to encourage growth at the base. Fertilize monthly from February until October.

Bamboo Palm (Chamaedorea erumpens)

Bamboo Palm plants act as a space divider in this corporate lunchroom

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