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Artificial plants in my office? For real !!!

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What comes to mind when you think of an artificial tree? That old, dusty Benji tree in the black plastic pot hidden in the corner of the office?

I guarantee you would be amazed by the artificial plants, trees and flowers available now. Real wood trunks and premium foliage designed to duplicate nature can be combined to offer a wide array of plants to suit any space.

Replica cacti and succulents are the latest trend. Mixed tropical foliage and flower arrangements can brighten the darkest boardroom.

Elevate the quality and ‘believability’ of these plants by using the latest designs in containers. The same containers that are used for live plants can be used for artificials.

Why consider using artificial plants in your office?

  1. Can be used to add greenery in dark areas where there is not enough light to sustain live plants.
  2. Great idea for frequently occupied meeting rooms where access to a live plant for maintenance may be an issue.
  3. Less maintenance.
  4. Flexible choice. Quality artificial plants are custom made to any size in dozens of varieties. Choose from table-top plants, hanging plants, floor plants and trees from 3ft in height to 15-20ft.
  5. Add colour! Artificial orchids look very elegant on a reception desk.

Often an office plantscape will consist of both live and artificial plants. If the replica plants are high quality, most people will assume all the plants are live. Your plant care company should periodically clean and reshape the artificial plants while they are servicing the live.



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